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Customised precision tooling
to your specification

35 years as toolmakers and users of EDM technology
makes us an ideal and competent partner.

Experience, flexibility, state of the art machine-shop
facility and a highly skilled/qualified workforce
guarantee top technical performance.

We manufacture custom made precision tooling to your
specification. Close contact to our customers during the
development and design phase are of prime importance.
Quality und Control enjoy top priority. Our quality control
methods guarantee optimum results in all manufacturing
phases, pilot runs and technical documentation.

We have clearly defined targets and our
production is using latest technologies.
This ensures time schedules are met and high quality
demands can be fulfilled.

• Progressive stamping tools with compact and modular designs
• Prototype tools
• Separating and bending tools
• Stamping and assembly units for production lines
• Stamping and bending units with multiple parts per stroke

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